Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Kuzbass State Technical University was established in 1994 and is one of the governing bodies of the university.

The main goals of the KuzSTU Board of Trustees include:

  • assistance in solving current and future tasks of the University,
  • assistance in raising financial and material funds to ensure the activities and development of KuzSTU,
  • assistance in improving the material and technical facilities of the University,
  • involvement in the development of educational programs of higher education implemented by KuzSTU to ensure that these programs consider the requirements of the concerned employers for the performance of job functions by graduates,
  • control over the implementation of the KuzSTU Development Program.


Members of the KuzSTU Board of trustees:

  1. Gennady F. Alekseev, General Director, JSC HC SDS-Ugol
  2. Sergey N. Aparin, Director, StroyDorExport LLC
  3. Igor G. Bezukh, General Director, JSC SDS Azot
  4. Boris Kh. Bulaevsky, Managing Director, PJSC Koks
  5. Denis S. Dudinets, Managing Director, BELAZ-24 LLC
  6. Nikolay B. Kovalev, General Director, JSC UK Severniy Kuzbass
  7. Daniil V. Leichenko, CEO, the Branch of Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company) in Kemerovo
  8. Alexey Yu. Lyamin, General Director, JSC TH BELAZ
  9. Yuri N. Malyshev, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Academy of Mining Sciences, President of the State Geological Museum named after V.I. Vernadsky
  10. Anatoly A. Meshkov, General Director, JSC SUEK-Kuzbass
  11. Maxim V. Nikolaev, General Director, JSC SDS-Stroy
  12. Rimma A. Dukhnova, HR Director of JSC Stroyservice
  13. Petr A. Povolyaev, General Director of JSC "KMZ"
  14. Anzhelika R. Rogozhkina, CEO, RFO Kuzbasskyi of VTB Bank
  15. Pavel A. Savkin, General Director, Tekhnologhiya Dobytchi LLC
  16. Mikhail Yu. Fedyaev, President, HC SDS
  17. Alexander M. Tcherednik, CEO of the Andrey Melnichenko Foundation
  18. Oleg I. Shurygin, Director, GKU KO Directorate of Kuzbass Highways
  19. Alexey N. Yakovlev, Rector of KuzSTU