Schools of Science

  • Mechanics of technological inheritance of the properties of the surface layer at the stages of processing and operation as a scientific basis for designing the hardening technological processes and the assessment of the residual life of critical engineering products (supervisor Blumenshtein V.Yu.)
  • Diagnosis of technical devices of hazardous production facilities (supervisor Smirnov A.N.)
  • Justification of the service life of load-bearing metal structures and the energy intensity of coal mining processes as fundamental prerequisites for the development of high-tech industries in the conditions of open-pit mines in Russia (supervisor Panachev I.A.)
  • Synthesis and physico-chemical study of coordination compounds of metals with inorganic and organic ligands: synthesis and physico-chemical study of new compounds; polyfunctional, including nanomaterials, based on the obtained compounds (supervisor Cherkasova T.G.)
  • Improvement of grinding tools (supervisor Korotkov A.N.)
  • Mining machines (supervisor Khoreshok A.A.)
  • Creation of scientific bases for predicting rock burst hazard in underground mining and the influence of the gas hydrate form of methane bond with coal matrix on the outburst hazard of coal seams (supervisor Dyrdin V.V.)
  • Energy saving, resource saving and increasing the efficiency of electrical complexes and mining systems (supervisor Kashirskikh V. G.)