KuzSTU today

T. F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University is the flagship in training highly qualified engineering personnel and implementing scientific innovations for the industrial sector of the Russian Federation.

It was established on September 9, 1950. Over the years of the university's existence, more than 100 thousand specialists have been trained, who form the basis of the engineering corps of the most important sectors of the Russian economy.

Today Kuzbass Polytekh is:

    • 7 scientific and educational institutes including Mining Institute, Power Engineering Institute; Chemical, Oil and Gas Technologies Institute; Construction Institute; IT, Mechanical Engineering and Motor Vehicles Institute; Institute of Economics and Management; and Vocational Education Institute; 
        • Further Vocational Education Institute, Institute of Corporate Training, Institute of E-training, Institute of Industrial and Ecological Safety, and the Faculty of Fundamental Preparation;
        • Over 11, 000 students from 11 countries;
        • 58 Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programmes, over 40 Master’s and post-graduate programmes, 135 areas of training in further vocational education;
        • 17 key scientific areas, covering mining machinery; rock mechanics, rock destruction by blasting, underground mine aerodynamics and mining thermal physics; electrical complexes and systems; surface and underground geotechnology; thermal physics and theoretical thermal technology; mineral processing; chemistry and technology of fuels and special products, and others;
        • One of the best student campuses in the country combining 9 training buildings, 3 hostels, the Polytekh hotel facilities at the world spa Sheregesh; recreation centre Pysanyie Skaly (Painted Rocks); a park of mining machinery, a ski depot, Molodezhnyi Healthcare Centre, a food production facility, etc. 
        • Over 50 student clubs and associations;
        • 2 theatres.
    The Kuzbass State Technical University is an official participant of the World Scientific and Educational Centre “Kuzbass”.