Institutes and Faculties

KuzSTU Institutes and Faculties

Mining Institute

The Mining Institute consists of 8 departments employing 34 Doctors and 58 Candidates of Sciences. The research work is focused on development and advancement of technologies for coal mining and processing. More than 1800 students study at the full-time and part-time departments of the Institute. At present, the Mining Institute takes the leading part in training engineers for the coal industry of Kuzbass and Russia. The region currently mines over 250 million tons of coal per year. Much credit goes to the graduates of the Mining Institute.
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Power Engineering Institute

The Institute has 4 departments: Power Supply of Mining and Industrial Enterprises; Electric Drives and Automation; Electrical Engineering; and Heat and Power Engineering.
Today, they ensure effective cooperation with the largest power and industrial enterprises of the region such as LLC Siberian Generating Company, Branch of JSC MRSK Sibir-Kuzbassenergo-RES, JSC SUEK-KUZBASS, JSC SKEK, LLC Elektromachina, JSC Teploenergo, JSC UK Kuzbassrazrezugol, KJSC Azot.

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Institute of Chemical, Oil and Gas Technologies

The Institute has five departments training bachelors in the following areas: Chemical Engineering (majoring in Chemical Engineering of Inorganic Substances, Chemical Engineering of Organic Sunstances, Chemical Engineering of Natural Energy-Carriers and Carbon-Based Materials, Technology and Processing of Polymers), Energy and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Engineering, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology (majoring in Machinery and Equipment for Chemical Industry, Processes and Equipment for Oil Refineries), Technosphere Safety Engineering (majoring in Engineering Environment Protection).
The faculty and staff include 54 teachers of which there are 8 professors and doctors of sciences, and 39 candidates of sciences. The Institute takes part in the development of international relations in KuzSTU. It develops cooperation with Shandong University of Science and Technology (P.R. China, Qingdao) and with the Innovation Eurasia University (Kazakhstan, Pavlodar). In the framework of the Agreement between KuzSTU and the Belarus State Technological University, the Institute takes part in joint scientific developments. In 2018, five students from P.R. of China studied in the Institute. Students from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan get training and conduct scientific research here.

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Construction Institute

The Institute is based on three departments - Construction production and real estate expertise, Building structures, water supply and wastewater drainage, and Automobile roads and city cadastre. The key Department of Technology and Organization of Construction was opened at SDS - Stroy LLC in 2017. 

The Institute has 2 engineering centers – the Centre for examination and design of civil buildings and structures and the Centre for inspection and design of roads; it also has one accredited scientific and engineering laboratory for testing building materials, and a student design bureau, too.
The scientific activity covers concretes and building materials based on waste from local industrial enterprises; seismic stability and operational safety of buildings and structures; substantiation of the design parameters of technological roads of coal mines and public highways; use of industrial waste in the road industry of Kuzbass, laying of underground structures, water purification, soil consolidation, development of new and reconstruction of existing building structures.
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Institute of IT, Mechanical Engineering and Motor Vehicles

At present, this Institute is the biggest in KuzSTU comprising 6 departments with over 1600 students (including 1300 full-time study students) trained in 9 areas of training. In 2019, the key training (specialist’s) programmes have been developed including ‘IT Security of Automated Systems’ majoring in ‘Ensuring IT security for distributed information systems’; ‘Designing process machines and complexes’ majoring in ‘Designing machining and instrumental complexes in mechanical engineering’; ‘Surface transport and handling vehicles’ majoring in ‘Automobiles and tractors’. Currently those educational programmes are licensed, and starting from 2021 the institute will commence enrollment. 
Six scientific and educational centres have been established and function in the institute with the aim of systematization of scientific studies, including: - nanoengineering of the surface layer of machine parts; technical diagnostics of hazardous production processes; ArenaMultimedia; information and intelligent control systems; CAD / CAM systems; digital technologies; 6 research laboratories: quality control of machine parts; fuels and lubricants; welding; intelligent control systems; mobile robots; and traffic simulation.

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Institute of Economics and Management

Over its long history, the Institute has trained many specialists who make up the basis of the economic personnel of Kuzbass and Russia. Currently, training is being carried out in the following areas of bachelor's degree: ‘Innovation theories’ majoring in ‘Management of innovative projects and business processes’; ‘Economics’ majoring in ‘Digital Economy’, ‘Accounting, Analysis and Audit’, ‘Economics of Enterprises and Organizations’; ‘Management’ majoring in ‘Organization and management of industrial enterprises’, ‘Marketing and business analytics’; ‘State and Municipal Administration’ majoring in ‘State and Municipal Administration: Social and Industrial Sphere’; ‘Service’ majoring in ‘Service at small and medium-sized enterprises’, ‘Service of real estate and housing and communal services’. Training is also provided for Master's degree in ‘Economics’ under educational programs ‘Corporate Finance Management’, ‘Practical Economics’, and ‘Economics of Innovation’; ‘Management’ under educational programs ‘Strategic management’, ‘Strategic management of mineral resources’, ‘Tax consulting: accounting and internal audit’. The institute is successfully training specialists in ‘Economic security’ majoring in ‘Economic and legal support of economic security’.
At present, the institute includes 5 departments with the faculty and staff including candidates and doctors of sciences, professors, academicians and corresponding members of the Public Academies of Sciences. The KuzSTU Institute of Economics and Management considers additional professional education as its important area of development.

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Fundamental Training Faculty

The Faculty aims to provide enhanced training in fundamental disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics, and Descriptive Geometry. The Faculty offers scientific and innovative activity in its 3D Modeling and Design center, Vita Lingua language Communication Center, the PRO: Physics REC, as well as the humanitarian research center. Currently, the Faculty includes 6 departments.
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