Student research activity

The student research activity is a continuation of their educational self-realization and part of the training of qualified specialists who are able to solve on their own any professional, scientific and technical problems. The students are involved in the research activity under the supervision of the University professors and teachers.

To inform and involve students in scientific activities at the university, scientific conferences, olympiads, discussions, master classes, round tables, the Student Scientific Session competition, the Student Scientific Spring forum, etc. are held throughout the year. A number of student scientific societies (SSS) created at the University help students to immerse in a professional environment where they learn to conduct research, write scientific articles, make presentations at scientific conferences, initiate, develop and promote their scientific ideas and projects. They also assist in the submission of scientific papers for grants, nominal scholarships, awards and other forms of moral and material encouragement.

SSS "Territory of Science" is an association of KuzSTU students engaged in research, innovation, scientific and educational activities. The society’s educational, awareness, informational and analytical activity is aimed at involving students in the current scientific and educational agenda of KuzSTU. "Territory of Science" coordinates the work of all SSSs in the university.

SSS "DelFin" ("Business Finance") explores the issues of regulation, functioning and development of the banking sector and the insurance market, the problems of sustainable development of territories, ensuring economic, environmental and food security.

SSC "IS-Guardians" is engaged in research and development of new models, methods of information protection and strategies for ensuring information security, the study and analysis of information security problems.

SSS "Conceptual" carries out scientific and practical work on topics relevant to the economy of Kuzbass.
The scope of scientific interests of SSS "ProMen" includes the development of mechanisms to improve the efficiency of management of the real sector of the economy of Kuzbass, the development of ways to increase labor productivity, the development of ways to improve the efficiency of environmental management.

SSS "SI" implements scientific research to study geophysical processes, improve construction technologies, develop methods for optimizing the selection of asphalt and cement concrete compositions, as well as methods for increasing the bearing capacity of foundation soils. 
Members of the student scientific society "UnikUm" are engaged in the issues of energy saving, increasing the energy efficiency of technological processes, digitalization of the energy sector (decentralization, distributed generation), as well as the study of advanced chemical technologies and the system integration of artificial intelligence into the technological and business processes of industrial enterprises.

SSS "Area 3.14" unites students majoring in Applied Informatics and Informatics and Computer Science.

SSS "IQM" studies international quality systems, statistical tools for quality management and control, as well as risk management. 
The research topics of SSS "Vector" correspond to the areas of the Strategy of the Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation in terms of the transition to environmentally friendly energy, deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, the formation of new energy sources; they are in line with the items of the priority areas of development of science and technology in the Russian Federation, including energy efficiency, energy conservation, nuclear energy, technologies of energy-efficient production and energy conversion using fossil fuels.

SSS "Science and Technology" is conducting a study of surface mining equipment, in particular, the introduction of gas-diesel systems at quarry machines, optimization of the transportation process in open pits, increasing the efficiency of mining dump trucks, reducing fuel consumption, emissions into the atmosphere, and the cost of coal and other minerals mining. 
Members of SSS "Legal Culture" review the problems associated with the formation of the rule of law state, analyze the legislative framework of the state, the rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation, and problems associated with offenses and crimes. 

SSS "The Economist" explores current problems of the economy in modern realities.

SSS "ConyPeak" deals with issues of self-management and time management, career development, leadership and teamwork, motivation for personal and professional growth.

Youth scientific society "Khimik" conducts research work in the field of industrial chemistry and ecology.