A proposal by a scientist from KuzSTU to complement the ESG-approach

15 June 2022

Evgeny Zhernov, Head of the Department of Economics of KuzSTU, made a presentation at the Plenary Session of the Scientific and Practical Conference of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Russia in the 21st century in the face of global challenges: modern problems of risk management and ensuring the security of socio-economic and socio-political systems and natural-technogenic complexes" (Moscow).

In his work, the scientist proposed to supplement the essence of the popular management approach with a humanistic component: change ESG into HESG.

To ensure the comprehensive security of the individual in the digital economy, the ESG chain of management must have humanism as the main, primary link, - says Evgeny. - Without this, neither the effective provision of human security in society, business, nor the further development of the theory of individual security is possible.

The proposal to supplement the ESG approach with humanism, transforming it into a HESG approach, was included in the Conference Draft Scientific and Practical Recommendations. The scientific community plans to come out with an appeal to the Russian Ministry of Education and Science to strengthen the HESG component in the training of bachelors, masters, specialists, and graduate students in educational institutions of higher education.

Meanwhile, the Kuzbass State Technical University has determined for itself the trajectory of development as a university of ESG technologies (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance).

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