Students of KuzSTU Went on an Expedition "Let's Preserve the Nature"

31 May 2023

The scientific community of KuzSUT "ProMen" arranged the annual expedition "Let's Preserve the Nature". University students looked for ways to solve environmental problems and assessed the consequences of unreasonable attitude towards the environment.

The traditional motto of the expedition is "Preserve the world around you". This year the students once again went to the Novostroika village of Beryozovsky Rural Settlement. The eco-activists cleaned the area of garbage and planted a linden tree and a name plate.

“In Novostroika, we were preparing the area for the garden. The students picked up the dry grass, rocks and boulders, glass bottles, and other garbage they took with them. After that, we selected a suitable place for the linden tree and planted it. During the break we had a chance to stroll down near the local river. I enjoyed taking part in environmental conservation. I hope that our activism will be an example for others to follow”, – Kirill Baer, a first-year student of the Institute of Economics and Management, shared his impressions.

Next year, students who are concerned about the environment will continue to improve the site, to make sure that in the future a large garden will bloom on it.

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