The RF Government approved the Program “Clean Coal – Green Kuzbass”

6 April 2022

By order of the Government of the Russian Federation, a comprehensive scientific and technical program for a full innovation cycle “Development and implementation of a set of technologies in the areas of exploration and mining of solid minerals, ensuring industrial safety, bioremediation, creating new products of deep coal processing while consistently reducing the ecological impact on the environment and risks to the life of the population” (CSTP) was approved. Its implementation period is 5 years.

The amount of federal budget funding for the CSTP program is 1.5 billion rubles. KuzSTU scientists are working on three projects that are part of the comprehensive program: "Integrated processing of coal to obtain a new type of raw material for the production of carbon fibers", "Integrated processing of waste from coal mining and coal processing with the release of rare and rare earth elements", and "Development and creation of an unmanned mining dump truck shuttle with 220 tons carrying capacity”. The budgetary funds in amount of 485 million rubles will be allocated for their implementation, in addition, the co-financing from industrial partners - the largest national enterprises including PJSC Koks, JSC Central Concentration Plant Berezovskaya, and PJSC KAMAZ will amount to 955 million rubles.

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The comprehensive scientific and technical program "Clean Coal" consists of 15 major projects that solve the problems of safe mining and processing of coal, the creation of digital solutions and technologies for the coal industry, ecology and health protection. The total funding will amount to 3.6 billion rubles, including 2 billion from investors and 1.6 billion from the State Program “Science”.

The projects will be implemented by 16 universities and research institutes of Russia, including 5 Kuzbass institutes, such as Kemerovo State University, T.F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University, Siberian State Industrial University, Research Institute of Complex Problems of Cardiovascular Diseases, and SB RAS Federal Research Center for Coal and Coal Chemistry.

Industrial partners and customers are represented by the coal mining and coal processing operations and innovative companies.

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