Student organizations

Student organizations are voluntary associations of KuzSTU students who intend to jointly solve such issues as improving the quality of student life, active participation in the life of the university, their own development and self-realization. The students choose independently the student team and determine the degree of their participation in it. There are various organizations in KuzSTU where you can find like-minded people and realize your potential.

Student organizations of KuzSTU take part in the implementation of youth, educational and social programs of the university, city and region. They are engaged in secondary employment of students, their leisure, social protection, and initiate many interesting events.

The KuzSTU Student Council "OSA" is a collegial self-government body formed on the students’ initiative. It was formed in 2014 to allow the students’ opinions on the management of their educational organization to be considered when adopting local regulations affecting the rights and legitimate interests of the students. The Council unites the majority of the KuzSTU student organizations. 

Club "Otlichnik" provides additional training for the students of the 1st and 2nd courses in preparation for the exams period. The club includes students who help their peers deal with difficult topics in physics, mathematics and other subjects.   

Volunteers of the Student Corps of Rescuers are trained in the skills and knowledge of a public rescuer including provision of first aid, behavior in various emergencies, water rescue, etc. The volunteers pass their experience on to university students at master classes. Activists, together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, go to search and rescue operations throughout Kuzbass, ensure security at public events in the city, guard public recreation spaces during summer, and on hot days - on the beaches of the city. Volunteers are regularly engaged in improving their knowledge in the rescue business and take part in federal events, such as: "Human Factor", "Vector of Salvation", "Territory of Meanings", etc.

The KuzSTU student trade union committee is a youth organization that represents the interests of students at all levels of governance, including the government of the Russian Federation. The organization is known not only for its human rights activities, but also for fostering true leaders who represent KuzSTU at interregional and all-Russian competitions.

One of the main tasks of the KuzSTU Campus Council is to improve the living conditions of students. The floor elders make sanitary rounds every week, bring new information to students and are always ready to solve any housing issue. It is the campus council that makes the life of out-of-town students bright, interesting and eventful.

Volunteer students of the Volunteer Center “Plamya” (Flame) organize and participate in various types of volunteering activity: social - helping the elderly, children, vulnerable citizens; ecological - aimed at environment protection - tree planting, environmental campaigns and subbotniks (housekeeping); medical, etc. 

The KuzSTU club of interethnic friendship “Orion” was created to increase the role and importance of foreign students in the public life of the university, increase their initiative, responsibility and activity in the youth environment, create conditions for the fullest disclosure of the creative and intellectual potential of foreign students and strengthen interethnic friendship. The tasks of the club include: social adaptation of foreign students; bringing multinational students close together on the basis of common positive values ​​and interests; involvement of students in solving topical issues of social interaction; involvement in socially useful activities; assistance in solving socio-psychological problems for foreign students, social and domestic issues and security issues.

Headquarters of KuzSTU student teams provides students with work in summer and winter, giving an opportunity to work after studies at the largest enterprises in the region. In addition to work, students have the opportunity to participate in sports, educational and recreational activities of the Headquarters. Everyone can try themselves as organizers of various activities, forums, contests and other events.

The KuzSTU Student Council is a body of student self-government where you can acquire and upgrade useful skills and competencies, gain tremendous experience in various fields: try yourself in youth politics, organize and hold events, learn how to work with sponsors, and engage in project activities.

The student information publication Svoya Marka is an exciting media space with the KuzSTU students as its editors.