Enrolment procedure

T. F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University


Enrolment Procedure: Step by Step

Step 1. Filling in the online Application Form (will be available later) & uploading the documents

Fill in all the required fields in the application form and upload your documents there such as:

  • the first Passport page with your picture and name on it (аccording to the Russian law, passport should be valid at least 1 year and 6 months from the estimated day of entering the Russian border);

  • the Certificates of completed full secondary or/or higher education.

Step 2. Having the online interview

If you provide us with a full set of the required documents and your marks are good enough for the enrolment, you will be invited for an online interview. To make it effective you should possess a high speed internet, Skype/WhatsApp installed, a microphone and a camera. if you pass it successfully, you will get the Letter of Admission from our side with all further details and steps you should follow. Note: The admission office can decline any application without assigning any reasons.

Step 3. Prepayment of the tuition fees

After getting the Letter of Admission, the first thing you do is to learn it properly paying attention to every section. In most cases the University requires prepayment of the preparatory course fee.  

Step 4. Making the invitation letter

We will apply for your invitation letter, which is prepared by Federal Migration Service office. The issue of the invitation letter for you usually takes 30-35 days. Since May, 2015 we provide our international students with electronic invitation letters, which are sent by e-mail. It is fast, convenient and free of charge. Note: The personal data indicated in electronic invitation letters include date and place of birth, nationality, passport number etc. except your name. Do not worry, there is no mistake. The electronic invitation letter is made in this way to prevent all your personal information sent via e-mail from getting lost.

Step 5. Getting a visa

After you get your invitation letter, you need to turn to the specific Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation in your country for applying for a Russian student visa. You need to bring your international passport and the printed invitation letter with you. Note: The first visa will be available for 90 days only!

You must come to the town of Kemerovo (the Kemerovo region - Kuzbass) in the period appointed by International Department. In case of late arrival, the extension of your visa will be impossible (visa extension must be made not less than 35 day before its expiry date). This means that you have to leave the territory of the Russian Federation after your visa expires. It follows the Russian federal migration decree № 430 dated 30th October, 2013 “On the approval of administrative regulation of government service delivery by Federal Migration Service of issue and provision of a visa, extending its validity period, its reissue for a foreign citizen and a stateless person”. Please, when your visa is issued, send a copy of it to the International Department.

Step 6. Leaving for Russia

Prior to leaving your country, make sure you take the following documents with you:

  • your passport and the Russian student visa;

  • the Certificates of completed full secondary and/or higher education;

  • notarized Russian translation of documents (passport and the Certificates of completed full secondary or higher education);

  • the medical certificate of overall health condition including HIV certificate;

and inform a coordinator of International Department about the route of your trip to Russia and the exact date of arrival according to your ticket information.

Note: All the required documents must be translated into Russian. For some countries it's important to get the "Apostille" or council legalization for Certificates of completed full secondary or higher education before starting your study in Russia. You can clarify these points at the Russian Embassy in your country. For some countries it is important to get recognition for the Certificate of completed full secondary education. This procedure is made after your arrival to Russia.

Step 7. Arriving at Kemerovo

Upon your arrival to Kemerovo, the coordinator of your institute or the International Department will meet you at the airport (or railway station) of Kemerovo and take you to the student hostel.

Step 8. Starting your student life in Russia

There is a list of tasks you need to do first upon your arrival at Kemerovo:

  • get registered by the Federal Migration Service office of the Russian Federation (next working day after arriving). It is important to visit the International Office of the university as soon as you arrive!!!

  • pay the rest of the tuition fees for the preparatory course (within 10 days);

  • go through the medical check-up;

  • get the medical insurance (100 $ per year);

  • pay for the whole period (12 months) of living in the student dormitory;

  • apply for the student visa extension (35 days before its expiry at the latest).

For any questions in English, please contact International Department of KuzSTU

Inna Pevneva at pevnevaiv@kuzstu.ru

Tatiana Zuban at zubantv@kuzstu.ru

Elena Razumovskaya at rev.pfu@kuzstu.ru

Welcome to Siberia!